The villa based office Challenge House 107

Inger Sitter (painting), Sverre Bjertnes (scupture)

Håkon Bleken

Michael Kvium (painting), Sverre Bjertnes (sculpture)

The villa based office Challenge House 107 is located in a beautiful and natural environment on Eiganes in Stavanger. The office is in use when negotiations, strategy meetings and board meetings requires calm and soothing circumstances. In evolving a sketch for the commissioned artwork for the office, the most significant element was to enhance the soul of the building. The villa dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and has a typical Scandinavian architectural structure and appearance. To enhance this element the consultants of BGE Contemporary Art Projects focused on the great masters of Norwegian and Scandinavian painting. One of them is Inger Sitter, renowned for being the first Norwegian female modernists, using an abstract visual language with vivid brushstrokes and bold choices of color. She has a unique personal idiom through her 60 years of reinvention. Of the chosen artists is Håkon Bleken, who has been one of the most prominent Norwegian artists over the last forty years alongside Sitter. He has been a vast influence on the Norwegian contemporary art scene, and is considered a national master. His works has a wide range of expressions, from carefully composed pieces to intelligent simplicity. The other artworks represented are from Sverre Bjertnæs, Per Maning and Michael Kvium.

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