Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen


June 17 – August 9, 2020

BGE Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the opening of our forthcoming exhibition with Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen titled ”PORTAL”. The exhibition opens Wednesday June 17, 2020 at 6 pm.  

In “PORTAL” one encounter Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen’s recognizable, but peculiar universe of imagery, organic forms, veins-like roots, flowers and hair. Her art works of drawing, painting and monumental murals, float between stylized, surrealistic, while simultaneously being figurative and romantic. 

Andreassen states about her art; "My work revolves around how it feels to be human. Ambivalence interests me; of what is hiding, in myself and in us all". Through her art she investigates themes such as identity, the human body, gender and nature. Fragments of the human body appears unexpectedly across the virtues line of her art work. Intestines, hair and body openings, neatly woven together, create an expression that both seduces and provokes. Andreassen´s drawings and paintings seamlessly transitions between extremes that are beautiful and ugly, bright and dark, masculine and feminine, and are consummated with technical sovereignty as she creates a distinctive expression, for which she has gained recognition through her oeuvre.

In “PORTAL” the artist has shifted her subject towards plant parts, organic forms and flowers in the place of the body in her previous works. But as before there are no exact reproductions of nature; twigs, flowers and plant parts are transformed into something beyond their being, something almost human, and feels recognisable to the spectator. To Wulff Andreassen, nature is freedom, the need to stop, but at the same time it also represents the will and the wild, the one who adapts and survives.

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